• take a closer look at some of our features

    take a closer look at some of our features

    Combine your LMS, communication tools, school website and useful features for administrators and the school board into one system… reduce the amount of suppliers you currently use and make more efficient use of time whilst also saving money!

Learning platform (LMS)

The eSchools learning platform (LMS) is the most advanced in the market packed full of features above and beyond that of others available to schools. The following is just a snapshot of what’s available.

  • Class discussions

    Class discussions

    Students can communicate in their class through a simple discussion or forum view.

  • Blogs


    Students and teachers can create blogs through the drag and drop features with the option to allow comments.

  • Projects


    Create projects to manage content you want to deliver to a class or group of students. It's easy and fun to use!

  • Homework


    Quickly create and assign homework and assignments to students. Easy marking and feedback options.

  • Attendance


    Take attendance and view current and past data for individuals, classes, grades or the whole school.

  • Dinner registers

    Dinner registers

    Take dinner registers online along with morning attendance. Automated reports can instantly be generated.

  • Online payments

    Online payments

    Take payments online for school meals, trips or custom events through the school website or individual parent accounts.

  • File storage

    File storage

    Create, manage and share files and folders. Access files from school or at home.

  • Simple logins

    Simple logins

    Allow students to login with a combination of icons... keep it simple!

  • Calendar


    Create events for individuals, groups or the whole school. Search calendars to check other user's availability.

  • Groups


    Create and manage custom groups which can then be used throughout the platform.

  • Class homepages

    Class homepages

    Create a class homepage that can also be shared over multiple classes. A very popular feature and easy to use!

  • Share content

    Share content

    View and copy content shared by other teachers or choose to share content you've created.

  • Also includes...

    Also includes...

    Photo galleries, videos, quizzes, joint accounts, free content, custom background themes, bad language filters and more!

  • get in touch to arrange a demo, where we can talk you through all these fabulous features!

School website

The school website is integrated with the eSchools platform ensuring data is only entered once linked when and where required. The website is designed to match the look and feel of your school and you can keep your existing school website address.

  • School website
  • Custom website design

    Custom website design

    Our design team will create a custom design that meets the exact look and feel you require for your school.

  • Unlimited site content

    Unlimited site content

    Add as much website content as you like to your… there are no limits and it's easy to manage!

  • Drag and drop features

    Drag and drop features

    The drag and drop features are easy to use and allows you to simply add manage content within the site.

  • Keep your school website address

    Keep your school website address

    Keep your existing school website address by changing one simple setting.... we'll help!

  • Integrate with the LMS

    Integrate with the LMS

    The school website is integrated alongside the LMS saving you time when managing content.

  • Give access to any staff member

    Give access to any staff member

    Allow a number of staff to have access to add and manage content.

  • Twitter & Facebook

    Twitter & Facebook

    When new content is added to the school website, automatically tweet or post it onto Facebook.


Improve communication with parents and others connected to the school through the use of integrated tools.

  • Letters home

    Letters home

    Letters that have been sent home are available to parents by emailing them directly or viewing them in the parent center.

  • Email broadcast

    Email broadcast

    Create, schedule and send bulk emails to parents, teachers or governors through the eSchools platform.

  • Text messages

    Text messages

    Send text messages to any individual, those attached to a class, grade or all students... the choice is yours!

  • Twitter


    Integrate news stories or other important information through the school’s Twitter account.

  • Facebook


    When new content is added to your website and you’d like to update parents, we'll automatically post on your behalf.

  • App notifications

    App notifications

    Send FREE notifications to a parent rather than a text message… save thousands of dollars a year!

  • Loading
  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Attendance
  • Letters Home
  • Contact
  • Map
  • Notifications
  • Notification Details

Parental engagement

The parent center allows individual student information to be shared with relevant contacts through a dedicated login for a parents.

  • Student attendance

    Student attendance

    Parents are able to access to their child’s live attendance within a month and daily view.

  • Student behavior

    Student behavior

    Any recorded behavior issues recorded can be shown to parents if you wish to have this switched on.

  • Achievements


    All student achievements recorded can be shown to parents to help keep them informed of their child’s progress.

  • Letters sent home

    Letters sent home

    Parents are able to view past and present letters that have been sent home… no longer will they be lost in the bottom of the bag!

  • Online payments

    Online payments

    Accept online card payments by parents for school trips or custom charges and events... automate the process!

  • Consent forms

    Consent forms

    Take consent forms online allowing them to be quickly approved by parents.

  • School calendar

    School calendar

    Grant parents access to certain events in the school calendar and those attached to their child... keeping them up-to-date!

  • View student projects

    View student projects

    Topics currently being covered in the school can be seen by parents along with homework details.

  • Surveys & questionnaires

    Surveys & questionnaires

    Collect useful information and feedback through this easy-to-use custom feature.

  • Homework diary

    Homework diary

    Parents are able to keep track of child's homework due and past homework grades and feedback from teachers.

School Board

The dedicated portal is a space where all members of the School Board can communicate, collaborate and view school information. A popular feature that continues to improve School Board engagement.

  • View school attendance

    View school attendance

    Allow the school board to view a class, year group or all school attendance at the click of a button.

  • File storage

    File storage

    Unlimited file storage is available for the school board with the option for them to sharing content between themselves.

  • Messaging


    Communicate with teachers and administrators through internal messages further improving communication.

  • Group discussions

    Group discussions

    The school board can chat and discuss school issues through the use of a closed forum.

  • Create sub-groups

    Create sub-groups

    Allow easier collaboration and communication between the school board.

  • Calendars


    Allow the school board to have access to the school calendar or create and manage events of their own.

used by schools all over the world including over 1,000 schools!


The eSchools platform seamlessly integrates with your schools SIS which enables us to simply create all user accounts, classes and grades within the platform.

  1. We plug eSchools into your SIS
  2. All required information is securely sent to eSchools
  3. Your eSchools platform is automatically populated
  4. Login details are created and sent back to the school
  5. When data changes in your SIS updates are sent to eSchools

…if a new child joins the school, their details are automatically sent to eschools and set of login details are generated and sent to the office staff.

…at the end of the school year, all student are moved from one grade to the next without the need for you to do anything… as long as your SIS is up-to-date, eschools is up-to-date!


The eSchools platform can be used on all platforms within a browser or dedicated apps installed on a device.

  • Platforms